The Best Laid Plans…

Before I got pregnant, I had a plan. I had quit my part time, non profit job. I was going to make aprons, lots of them, and sell them, you know, wherever. Etsy, local shows, send some with my good friend at Azrael’s Accomplice to the events she vends and more. I had a schedule, I would make at least one apron a week, press it, list it, package and wait. Then the morning sickness happened.

I made 5 aprons. I’m not saying that my early pregnancies were easy, but when I did have morning sickness it was just that, MORNING sickness. Little Bee had me sick all day. I only puked once the entire time but every day was a fight to stay upright. Enough about my puking, back to the aprons. To date, I have sold 1 of the 5 I listed on Etsy. I don’t try to sell particularly hard but it would be nice if I could unload more than one.

Please buy me.

Please buy me.

I’ve been trying to get back to sewing on a regular schedule, but I tell ya it ain’t easy. I get about 3 baby free hours a day while little Bee naps and I tend to fill them with laundry and dishes. I’ve managed to crank out a couple of Halloween costumes since Bee got here but not much else.

Her Cthuteness will make you quiver with insanity.

Her Cthuteness will make you quiver with madness.

Sew last week I started something new, and no I have not finished it. It’s a prototype baby dress and I’m not thrilled with the pattern. It’s way too big for Bee, which is surprising because she’s a giant baby. Whatever, I’ll finish it and she’ll grow into and then I’ll try a different pattern.

It's okay.

It’s okay.

My point is, I’m really trying. I hope I can get back on a regular schedule of sewing and maybe even promote myself a little. Wish me luck!

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