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Pros and Cons

This past weekend I was in San Antonio for Alamo City Comic Con. I went to help out my good friend, the designer at AzAc Designs with her booth and test market a few of my baby items.

Day one got off to a quiet start. I didn’t really feel like dressing up and had planned to spend the down time working on the trim for the “Great Pumpkin”.I actually sold one of my appliqued onesies to a very proud new daddy. He showed me a picture of his 3 week old and everything. It’s going to be at least a year until she fits into it!

Even though I was too lazy to put a big dress on, Tracy wasn’t. She wore her custom made Renaissance Style Dalek Dress. It’s a show stopper for sure!

You would make a good Dalek...

You would make a good Dalek…

Day 2 things were much busier. The Great Pumpkin made it’s debut.

We put a lot of women in and out of corsets!

Tracy looked fabulous in her River Song Day of the Moon cosplay.

It took all day but I finally ran into some Peanuts!

This sweetheart asked me to marry him. Don’t tell any one, but I said yes!

Day 3, I actually dragged the “cupcake” out of storage. The Cupcake is a gown that was created just for me. It’s mounds of tucks and ruffles in turquoise and fuchsia. I still hold the AzAc Designs record for most obnoxious colour combinations. I decided to skip the pocket hoops in light of the crowds.

I had a lot of photo requests from little girls. Some thought I was a princess while at least one thought I was a pony. After some research I learned my gown matched a MLP namned Mrs. Cake. How appropriate!
Now I know what my next cosplay will be!

I might even drag the husband into being a pony at the next con we attend. You”ll still love me for that, right Mr. Cake?