Presents and Bows

I recently realized a long time friend of mine’s daughter has the same birthday as my son. Now, she’s 4 years older than him and because of the age difference it just never occurred to me. Her sister’s birthday is just 2 days later. I’ve always invited the entire family to my kids parties despite the age difference because BBQ and cake is always a good reason to get together.

As the Boy’s party approaches I realized I’m a terrible person and have never really gotten her girls much in the way of gifts. You have no idea how really self absorbed and just awful I feel. In an effort to scramble to get them something, I managed to sit down at the sewing machine and make them each a really cute gift.

I don't want to talk about the disembodied head.

I don’t want to talk about the disembodied head.

Hair bows! You might not find them exciting but I hope they do. And because I’m a little selfish it gave me an oppurtunity to add a couple of new items to my Etsy Store.

so... much... sugar...

so… much… sugar…

In the morning I’ll be making that beast of a cake again. The Boy devised the “banana split” cake. Strawberry cake, pineapple filling, fudge icing with fresh strawberries and bananas. It’s delicious but some work. Perhaps I’ll document it tomorrow,although I may cheat and use store bought frosting.

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