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Pros and Cons

This past weekend I was in San Antonio for Alamo City Comic Con. I went to help out my good friend, the designer at AzAc Designs with her booth and test market a few of my baby items.

Day one got off to a quiet start. I didn’t really feel like dressing up and had planned to spend the down time working on the trim for the “Great Pumpkin”.I actually sold one of my appliqued onesies to a very proud new daddy. He showed me a picture of his 3 week old and everything. It’s going to be at least a year until she fits into it!

Even though I was too lazy to put a big dress on, Tracy wasn’t. She wore her custom made Renaissance Style Dalek Dress. It’s a show stopper for sure!

You would make a good Dalek...

You would make a good Dalek…

Day 2 things were much busier. The Great Pumpkin made it’s debut.

We put a lot of women in and out of corsets!

Tracy looked fabulous in her River Song Day of the Moon cosplay.

It took all day but I finally ran into some Peanuts!

This sweetheart asked me to marry him. Don’t tell any one, but I said yes!

Day 3, I actually dragged the “cupcake” out of storage. The Cupcake is a gown that was created just for me. It’s mounds of tucks and ruffles in turquoise and fuchsia. I still hold the AzAc Designs record for most obnoxious colour combinations. I decided to skip the pocket hoops in light of the crowds.

I had a lot of photo requests from little girls. Some thought I was a princess while at least one thought I was a pony. After some research I learned my gown matched a MLP namned Mrs. Cake. How appropriate!
Now I know what my next cosplay will be!

I might even drag the husband into being a pony at the next con we attend. You”ll still love me for that, right Mr. Cake?


Presents and Bows

I recently realized a long time friend of mine’s daughter has the same birthday as my son. Now, she’s 4 years older than him and because of the age difference it just never occurred to me. Her sister’s birthday is just 2 days later. I’ve always invited the entire family to my kids parties despite the age difference because BBQ and cake is always a good reason to get together.

As the Boy’s party approaches I realized I’m a terrible person and have never really gotten her girls much in the way of gifts. You have no idea how really self absorbed and just awful I feel. In an effort to scramble to get them something, I managed to sit down at the sewing machine and make them each a really cute gift.

I don't want to talk about the disembodied head.

I don’t want to talk about the disembodied head.

Hair bows! You might not find them exciting but I hope they do. And because I’m a little selfish it gave me an oppurtunity to add a couple of new items to my Etsy Store.

so... much... sugar...

so… much… sugar…

In the morning I’ll be making that beast of a cake again. The Boy devised the “banana split” cake. Strawberry cake, pineapple filling, fudge icing with fresh strawberries and bananas. It’s delicious but some work. Perhaps I’ll document it tomorrow,although I may cheat and use store bought frosting.

The Best Laid Plans…

Before I got pregnant, I had a plan. I had quit my part time, non profit job. I was going to make aprons, lots of them, and sell them, you know, wherever. Etsy, local shows, send some with my good friend at Azrael’s Accomplice to the events she vends and more. I had a schedule, I would make at least one apron a week, press it, list it, package and wait. Then the morning sickness happened.

I made 5 aprons. I’m not saying that my early pregnancies were easy, but when I did have morning sickness it was just that, MORNING sickness. Little Bee had me sick all day. I only puked once the entire time but every day was a fight to stay upright. Enough about my puking, back to the aprons. To date, I have sold 1 of the 5 I listed on Etsy. I don’t try to sell particularly hard but it would be nice if I could unload more than one.

Please buy me.

Please buy me.

I’ve been trying to get back to sewing on a regular schedule, but I tell ya it ain’t easy. I get about 3 baby free hours a day while little Bee naps and I tend to fill them with laundry and dishes. I’ve managed to crank out a couple of Halloween costumes since Bee got here but not much else.

Her Cthuteness will make you quiver with insanity.

Her Cthuteness will make you quiver with madness.

Sew last week I started something new, and no I have not finished it. It’s a prototype baby dress and I’m not thrilled with the pattern. It’s way too big for Bee, which is surprising because she’s a giant baby. Whatever, I’ll finish it and she’ll grow into and then I’ll try a different pattern.

It's okay.

It’s okay.

My point is, I’m really trying. I hope I can get back on a regular schedule of sewing and maybe even promote myself a little. Wish me luck!

Is this thing on?

Because I love a good cliche.

I’ve decided to write a blog. Not so much from a desperate need for attention but a desire to share all of my brilliant ideas, hair brained schemes and sometimes to ┬ámake fun of stupid shit on the internet. Maybe, just maybe makin’ a little cheddar on the side.

Things to look forward to: Crafts, kids, animals, K-Pop and K-drama, stuff that I make, DIY projects, rants, food, spelling errors, vibrant hair colours, fortune cookie like wisdom, smartassery, and a general feeling of disdain for a large cross section of the human race.

So kick your shoes off, put your feet up on the coffee table if you’re into that sort of thing and stick around awhile. It might actually get interesting.