3 weeks?

It has been, I counted.

Things got a little crazy. First Little Bee came down with a virus. Then I came down with the virus. That ate about 2 weeks all on it’s own. We’re all mostly better now saving the occasional runny nose.

Noodle has headed off to boarding school in a far away land. She has an amazing opportunity here and I know she’ll make the best of it. We spent our last week together shopping for all the things she’ll need. Let me tell you, it is not easy to find a bathrobe in Houston in August. You are limited to men’s plaid flannel, old lady polyester housecoats and kids furry hooded monsters. We went with the latter. Thank goodness for boys xl!

In between shops we squeezed in a movie. A rare baby free treat! Noodle wanted to see Lucy. I know a lot of people complained that the science is wrong, but if you take it for what it is, Science Fiction, it’s a very enjoyable movie. The only real tragedy was Scarlett Johansson’s inability to walk in those Louboutins.

I’ve been kind of a lazy slug lately, what with the sickness and all. That’s all about to change. I must get back to work and start getting things done. I have a lot of sewing to do, house work, I need to go to the gym and a kpop dance class coming up. We’ve even started decorating for Halloween. I know this isn’t a proper post but it’s better than nothing. more to come, soon, I hope!

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